Palo Alto Firewall Certification Course

The Palo Alto Networks certification course teaches you how to use next-generation firewalls (NGFW), which are the best in their field, to protect your network from online risks that are always changing. This complete program gives you the confidence to launch applications, protect them from current security holes, and keep your organization's security strong.

Made for security at the enterprise level

This class covers Palo Alto Networks firewalls extensively. They dominate next-generation firewalls. You'll master their advanced features, allowing you:

Set up, handle, install, and fix problems with: Learn about all the stages of a Palo Alto firewall's life to make sure it works well and is safe.

Protect yourself from complex online threats: To find, block, and stop advanced threats, you should learn how to use the routers' full range of security features.

Allow safe launch of applications: Learn how to safely install applications while keeping tight control over the network.

If you learn these skills, you'll be able to help protect your company's important info and systems.

Getting ahead in your career by having practical knowledge

The Palo Alto licensing school teaches more than just theory. A good learning method involves the following:

Practical Lab Training: Employ your knowledge in specialized labs.

Self-study modules: Watch online courses and study tools whenever.

Learn how to install, manage, and repair Palo Alto routers. This will prepare you for real-world security issues.

This all-around method makes sure that you not only understand the ideas, but also have the skills you need to do well in your security job.

A way to start a satisfying career in security

Security jobs are growing quickly, and Palo Alto Networks certification might lead to them.

A Network Security Engineer who can create, build, and manage robust network security solutions using Palo Alto routers will be in great demand.

Security Administrator: You'll set up, monitor, and manage Palo Alto routers to safeguard your company's network.

Security Analysts and Specialists that use their Palo Alto firewall knowledge to identify security threats and find solutions may advance in their careers.

Any network security professional who wants to earn a life should acquire this license.

Basic Skills You Need to Succeed

People who already have a basic understanding of networking ideas can take the Palo Alto certification course.

IP Addressing Routing and Switching

You should also know the basics of the Palo Alto security platform to get the most out of your learning.

Who must register?

Security professionals may enhance their abilities with this course:

Security engineers:

  • Install and administer
  • Palo Alto routers for advanced network security to practice.
  • To secure and administer networks, security managers need know about Palo Alto routers.

Security operations analysts and experts:

Learn about Palo Alto firewalls to increase security, discover threats quicker, and manage incidents.

Network engineers:

Install Palo Alto routers for network security.

This Palo Alto certification course will help you become a security hero who can defend your company's most important assets from hackers.

PaloAlto certification instructor led training
PaloAlto certification on site training
PaloAlto certification one on one training

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INR 15K | 300 USD

INR 15K | 300 USD

journey with cnc in 4 steps
journey with cnc step 1
journey with cnc 2
journey with cnc step 3
journey with cnc step 4

o   Overview of the PA NGFW
o   Platform and architecture overview
o   SP3 Architecture overview
o   Packet Flow ofPaloAlto Firewall
o   Different modes of Firewall deployment
o   Deployment types of PA NGFW.
o   Installation and lab setup for practical
o   Initial configuration setup for device access
o   Basic configuration check
o   Hostname, Banner, DNS and NTP configuration etc.
o   Licensing, dynamic updates and software updates walkthrough
o   Different modes of interfaces during deployment
o   Scenario based Use cases of interface modes
o   NAT configuration for Private-Public IP mapping
o   Security policy configuration for Interzone communication
o   Basic topology for internet access in virtual lab environment


Course Features

Training Type
Course Duration
1.5 Months
No of Hours
2 Hours/Day
Skill Level
INR 15K | 300 USD
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