Our Ethical Hacking course will educate you all the techniques and tools of ethical hacking which help you to detect low points of a computer or network and taking important way to secure your network’s, If you're interested in the safety of your network’s. While this strategy can be used for dangerous purposes, but our Ethical Hacking course will train you how to use this Ethical Hacking techniques in a exact and legal way.


What is Ethical Hacking Course?

Ethical Hacking refers to find out the loopholes, vulnerabilities, threats or malicious viruses and Trojans from any network or digital resources and suggest ways to troubleshoot those problems. Sometimes ethical hacking also refers to penetration testing which refers to troubleshoot the problems and save the data from exploitation or from other kind of damages to a system.


What are the conditions and eligibilities to become Certified Ethical Hacker?

A person with the introductory knowledge of networking, operating systems and databases will be eligible to become an Ethical hacker. It’s quite handy if someone did a bachelor degree in cyber security or any other related field. A candidate with a CCNA or CISSP certificate will smoothly be able to grab ethical hacking certification also. It's after getting CEH certificate that you'll become a complete ethical hacker.


Which institute is best for professional ethical hacking course in India?

There are different hacking institutes in India offering this ethical hacking course in India, but CNC is the best one among the list of ethical hacking institutes in India as it has positive feedback, good ranks and reviews by its passed out students and students from all over India are coming to CNC to join the ethical hacking course.


How do I start ethical hacking course?

However, than you surely start the ethical hacking course from CNC , If you already have completed your 12th class. We start right from the beginners’ rank to the advanced rank of ethical hacking.


What's the career and scope of ethical hacking course in India?

There's lot of scope and career openings for the students in the field of ethical hacking  and it's the right time also to enter in this wide field. In every company now needed ethical hackers to cover their digital assets such as their web applications, software, confidential data, web servers etc. As the digitalization is raising rapidly in India, the demand to cover the digital resources and of professional and expert ethical hackers is also growing quickly.

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INR 12K | 250 USD

INR 12K | 250 USD

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2 Hours/Day
Ethical hacking training
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INR 12K | 250 USD
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