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DevNet Associate certification
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is your entryway into a career in network automation. This certification validates your capability to apply fundamental network applications using Cisco platforms as a base, and to apply automation workflows across network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure. With one exam and one training course to ready, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification gives you the know- how you require and industry recognition that translates into jobs


Cisco presented its DevNet certification for those who wish to have network automation job roles. But you as a Network Engineers can also profit from Cisco DevNet Associate training by upgrading yourself to network automation specialist jobs and double your current salary.

This certification training teaches you programmability from scratch and takes you on an exciting network automation trip. But to jump with Cisco DevNet associate training, hands- on experience with a programming language( specifically Python) is recommended.

As we already know, Network Engineers avoid learning coding/ programming to an extent, but now, as networking infrastructure and software engineering are raising interconnected, it's impossible for all networking professionals to escape from learning programming. In fact, for every certification training, you'll find Python or other programming language understanding as a required skill. So, sooner or after, all networking professionals will have to learn Python/ programming for sure.

As of now, there are limited network engineers with Python/ network automation knowledge, but this number is rising tremendously as we've witnessed the jump in the last two years since Cisco published its DevNet certification.

So, learning python today will be more fruitful and help all the network engineers speed up their network automation trip and come Network Automation Engineers.

Also, at CNC, you as a Network Engineer will get to master Python from scratch to a mandatory level where you'll be able to perform all the network automation tasks in your organization. We'll train you the basics of Python that will complement your network knowledge, making you proficient enough to write scripts to turn a network automation engineer.

Become a Network Automation Expert
We'll be train you to become an great Network Automation Expert. So, no need to worry if you're learning Python for the first time.

All the candidates who have taken the network automation training from CNC have been network engineers for 10- 15 years, and all of them were learning Python for the first time. So, you need not worry as we've very much experience teaching enough Python required for network automation to beginners.

We've designed a custom training program named Python for Network Engineers CCNA DevNet( 200- 901) Ansible Basics where we will be starting your journey from Python so that it would be Python for Network Engineers in the start, and also we'd take it to learn the CCNA DevNet syllabus. We've also added Ansible basics to our customized program for you to understand how Ansible works for Network Automation.


No formal prerequisites, but one or further years of experience with software development involving Python programming is recommended.

Possible job roles
Network automation engineer
Software developer
System integration programmer

instructor led training
on site training
one on one training

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1 Month

1 Month


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INR 12K | 300USD

INR 12K | 300USD

IT Pre-requisite

Cisco Devnet Associate

DevNet Associate Requirement and Prerequisites

No formal prerequisties, but one or more years of experience with software development including python programened.

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Exam Length

Get Yourself Ready For The Cisco Devnet Associate Certification Exam

To become DevNet Associate certified, a candidate must pass DevNet Associate exam:

Exam - 200-901 DEVASC 

Exam Duration - 120 minutes

Exam Fee - $300 USD


Course Features

Training Type
Course Duration
1.5 Month
No of Hours
2 Hours/Day
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