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A Preview of Cisco ENCOR Certification Training Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR) prepares you for the CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Certification exam (ENCOR 350-401). This program teaches dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) design, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security, and automation to build fundamental corporate networks.

Examine CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Certification Training

CCIE Business Infrastructure certification proves you can manage complex business infrastructure solutions. This course covers planning, building, installing, running, and improving IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack solutions for complex commercial networks.The CCIE business Infrastructure certification requires two tests: a qualifying test on core business infrastructure technologies and a hands-on lab test on corporate networks from planning and setup to running and improving them.

The individual will be tested on their skills throughout the entire network lifecycle, including building, installing, running, and improving complicated network scenarios over the course of eight hours.

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure test is made up of two parts that will be given at set times and in a set order:

Part 1: Design (3 hours)

Module 2: Set up, run, and improve (5 hours)

Skills in automation and network programming are important parts of both modules, as stated in the quiz topics.

Candidates will be examined on Exam Topics tools and solutions in both courses. Even though each course may be studied separately, the 8-hour lab practice exam will build on a plot. It will not be possible for candidates to go back and forth between classes.

Part 1: Design (3 hours)

This subject tests your ability to create, review, confir

  • Know platforms, products, and services' capabilities.
  • Turn what the customer wants into answers.
  • Figure out how ready people are to support offered answers.

The feature is based on scenarios and doesn't let you use any gadgets. Candidates will be given a set of documents that they need to read and understand before answering web-based questions.

Email threads, high-level designs, network layout maps, user needs and limits, and other things are all types of paperwork. Drag-and-Drop, Multiple-Choice-Single-Answer, Multiple-Choice-Multiple-Answer, Dropdown items, and more are all types of web-based items.

Backward movement will not work during this lesson. Because of this, students will not be able to see all of the questions in this session. The number of points that each item is worth is not shown in this part.

Module 2: Set up, run, and improve (5 hours)

In this session, candidates will install, operate, and upgrade network tools and solutions. Candidates will develop the network based on design standards, client demands, and constraints to deploy. As per Exam Topics, all the steps needed for a successful network execution will be covered. This includes setting up, merging, and fixing problems with technologies and solutions that have already been installed.

Candidates will operate and upgrade network tools and solutions. You must monitor and configure the network to improve service quality, save operating costs, and ensure uptime, security, and dependability. They must also identify issues and adjust settings to meet business and technical demands.

This module gives you a setting that is very similar to a real production network. It will have both hands-on (device access) and web-based things. Virtualized labs will be used as much as possible in this subject. For more details, please look at the list of hardware and apps.

For this lesson, you will be able to go backwards in time.

Candidates will be able to see all of the questions in this session. This part shows the number of points that are worth for each thing.

Proof of identity

During the test, you can use the Product Pages to access Cisco documents online. During the test, you can access any material that you can get to even when you're not logged in.

Cisco manages this website, thus access may be limited or prohibited for system updates or other reasons. Candidates cannot bring outside sources to the lab.

Reports and Evaluations of Exam Scores

Each subject has a minimum score and a number that is enough to pass. The minimum and pass numbers are set for each subject based on how hard the test is.

The passing score is equal to being a master in the subject.

If you want to be considered an expert, you need to get at least the minimum number.

In order to pass the test, candidates must get more than the minimum score set for each module and more than the combined pass score for both modules.

The candidate will fail the test if they get less than the minimum score required on any one of the courses OR if they get less than the total pass score for both modules put together.

After finishing the test, prospects will not be given any more information about their score.

People who fail the test will get a score report that shows which modules they passed or failed. In addition, candidates will be given their total score numbers for each topic across both courses.

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CCIE Enterprise
Track Weekdays Weekends

2.5 Months

3.5 Months


2 Hours/Day

3 Hours/Day


INR 50K | 1100 USD

INR 50K | 1100 USD

IT Pre-requisite

Before Starting this course candidate should know:

🎥 Should be expert in Routing
🎥 Should be expert in Switching
🎥Should know the designing part
🎥 Should know the concept of Automation
🎥 Should know the SDwan details

journey with cnc in 4 steps
journey with cnc step 1
journey with cnc 2
journey with cnc step 3
journey with cnc step 4

Exam Length

CCIE Enterprise: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

Exam Code: 350-401 ENCOR
Exam Length: 120 Minutes
Exam Fee: 400USD
CCIE EI Lab:  
Exam Lenght: 8 Hours
Exam Fee: 1600 USD

Course Outline


Course Features

Training Type
Course Duration
2.5 Months
No of Hours
2 Hours/Day
CCIE enterprise training
Skill Level
INR 50K | 1100USD
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