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CCNP Security Certification Training Overview

This CCNP Security training course covers a lot of ground and gives you the skills to use core Cisco security solutions to protect your business from constantly changing online risks.

Learning how to use basic security technologies

The course goes into a number of important security topics, such as:

Network Security:

Find out the best ways to protect your network equipment from threats and people who aren't supposed to be there.

Cloud and Content Security:

Learn how to safeguard cloud operations and crucial data.

How to protect desktops and PCs from viruses and unwanted access

To ensure secure network access, use strong access control methods to limit tool and device usage.

Visibility and Enforcement:

Monitor the network and follow security rules to detect and halt assaults.

Testing real-world tools

Students get plenty of hands-on experience with Cisco's premier security products:

Cisco Firepower® Next-Generation Firewall:

Set up and utilize this effective firewall solution. Use its deep packet inspection. Attack prevention and application control are available.

Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewall:

Get hands-on training with this basic Cisco firewall solution. Then you can learn how to set up content security. Control groups and firewall rules are accessible.

Policy Access Control:

Create and administer precise access control rules to provide network user and device rights.

Mailing Rules:

Use good email security to avoid spam, phishing, and viruses.

802.1X Authentication:

Use the 802.1X standard to make sure that only devices that are allowed to join to your network can connect safely.

Welcome to Cisco Stealthwatch. Here you can learn how to use Cisco Stealthwatch. It is a powerful threat tracking tool. It lets you see what's happening in your network in real time and do advanced threat research.

CCNP Security Certification: A Way to Get Skilled

The new CCNP Security certification program focuses more on specific security areas and covers a wider range of skills.

To acquire the CCNP Security certification, you must pass two tests: a core security exam and a focus test you pick depending on your employment aspirations.

Certifications for specialists: A Cisco Certified Specialist (CCNA Specialist) certificate proves your security expertise after passing an exam.

Preparing for exams and suggested training

This course carefully gets you ready for the CCNP Security exams:

Test Core:

The course is designed to prepare you for the "Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (Exam 350-701 SCOR)" test by giving you the basic skills you need to build a strong security system.

Concentration Exam:

Become an expert in a certain area of security. Then you can pick and pass one of the following concentration exams:

Network Protection using Cisco Firepower NGFW and NGIPS:

Master next-generation firewalls and IDSs. Network security will improve.

Installing Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE):

Gain Cisco ISE knowledge. It controls network access completely. You may also learn their identities.

Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) email protection:

Cisco ESA protects email against spam, frauds, and viruses.

Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) web protection:

Cisco WSA protects your online environment from malicious actors and enforces web access regulations.

To protect internet access and network isolation, learn how to set up secure VPNs.

Who Should Join?

The following people may improve their Cisco security skills with this course:

  • Network and system engineers must understand security to develop secure networks
  • Network and system administrators may update Cisco security solutions.
  • Network support professionals, improve Cisco security setup repair.
  • Security pros: Discover Cisco security products and their uses.

Previously needed

Learning networking and basic security is beneficial, but there are no official qualifications. You can safeguard your company's data and network assets from persistent threats with this CCNP Security course.

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CCNA certification on site training
CCNA certification one on one training

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Batch Details

CCNP Security/Module
Track Weekdays Weekends

2 Months

3.5 Months


2 Hours/Day

3 Hours/Day


INR 20K | 500 USD

INR 20K | 500 USD

IT Pre-requisite

Candidate Should be good in Routing and Switching

Candidate Should have Network Packet flow Idea

Candidate Should be good in basic Security

journey with cnc in 4 steps
journey with cnc step 1
journey with cnc 2
journey with cnc step 3
journey with cnc step 4

Exam Length

CCNP Security: Implementing and Operating cisco Security Core Technologies

Exam Code: 350-701 SCOR
Exam Length: 120 Minutes
Exam Fee: 400USD

CCNP Security: Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower

Exam Code: 300-710 SNCF
Exam Length: 90 Minutes
Exam Fee: 300USD

CCNP Security: Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine

Exam Code: 300-715 SISE
Exam Length: 90 Minutes
Exam Fee: 300USD

CCNP Security: Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance

Exam Code: 300-720 SESA
Exam Length: 90 Minutes
Exam Fee: 300USD

CCNP Security: Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security  Appliance

Exam Code: 300-725 SWSA
Exam Length: 90 Minutes
Exam Fee: 300USD

CCNP Security: Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks

Exam Code: 300-730 SVPN
Exam Length: 90 Minutes
Exam Fee: 300USD

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Course Features

Training Type
Course Duration
2 Months
No of Hours
2 Hours/Day
CCNP Security training
Skill Level
INR 20K | 500 USD /Module
Study Material
Batches Available

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